Indonesian Society of Dermatology And Venereology (INSDV)

12 Nov 2019 | 23:08 WIB

Indonesia Psoriasis Study Group presents: World Psoriasis Day 2019 Let’s Get Connected!


It was a bright sunny Sunday in Jakarta. On November 3rd 2019, during Car Free Day at Jalan Jendral Sudirman, people were gathered in front of a booth with purple and orange attributes. It was an event organized by Indonesia Psoriasis Study Group (KSPI) in conjunction with Indonesian Society of Dermatology and Venereology (INSDV) Jakarta branch and Department of Dermatology-Venereology Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia – Dr. Cipto Mangunkusumo National Central General Hospital.

                                  All committees and participants of World Psoriasis Day 2019

                                 Dermato-venereologists from KSPI and INSDV Jakarta Branch

                            Dermato-venereologists in action: giving education about psoriasis through
                             brochures, flyers, and hand fans as media around Jendral Sudirman Street

                                         Enthusiasms from Dermato-venereologists and DV residents.
                                         The booth was packed with people since early in the morning

The crowd was in fact celebrating World Psoriasis Day 2019, which is annually celebrated on October 29th. Psoriasis, part of autoimmune disease, is a non-communicable disease with 2% populations worldwide are affected. People need to realize it is more than just a skin disease as psoriasis is a chronic inflammatory disease that can affect joints (psoriasis arthritis) and related to other comorbidities such as cardiometabolic, gastrointestinal, psychiatric disease, and other multi organ involvements which gives a huge impact not only patient’s appearance, but patient’s quality of life as a whole.

This year, inspired by the theme “Let’s Get Connected”, KSPI decided to held two events on the same day. The first event, was aimed to spread the knowledge of psoriasis among general public, as a mean of social service done by dermato-venereologists and DV residents from Jakarta. A total of 103 dermato-venereologists and DV residents gave education by handing out brochures, leaflets, and hand fans which include information about psoriasis to bystanders along Jendral Sudirman Street. Then, the event continued with a public seminar about psoriasis for patients and caregivers. A total of 80 people attended the seminar at All Seasons Hotel, Thamrin. Five speakers from KSPI were delivering a holistic and comprehensive approach to psoriasis. From detecting signs and symptoms of psoriasis, complications and comorbidities, therapy, skin care, to diet and life-style modification, all the participants were very keen and active as the speakers explained an in depth understanding on how to live with psoriasis and achieve optimal quality of life. The management of psoriasis needs a good communication and connection between the patient, health providers, and government to get access for therapy. Awareness and contributions from all are needed to achieve this goal.

Speakers and moderator of Public Seminar with Head of Department of Dermatology –Venereology FMUI – Cipto Mangunkusumo National Central General Hospital

dr. Erdina HD Pusponegoro, SpKK(K), FINSDV, FAADV as moderator

dr. Githa Rahmayunita SpKK, FINSDV, FAADV as the first speaker, explaining signs and symptoms of psoriasis


dr. Danang Tri Wahyudi, SpKK, FINSDV, FAADV explaining comorbidities and complications of psoriasis

            dr. Endi Novianto, SpKK(K), FINSDV, FAADV delivering the update therapy for psoriasis


Dr. dr. Windy Keumala Budianti, SpKK, FINSDV explaining Skin Care Routines for Patients with Psoriasis

dr. Eyleny Meisyah Fitri, SpKK, explaining the fifth topic Diet and Lifestyle Modification for Patients with Psoriasis


The moment they’d been waiting for: Discussion Session

All participants, consisted of psoriasis patients and caregivers, were actively asking questions, discussing, and sharing their psoriasis experience to the audience as well as giving courage and spirit as psoriasis patients to achieve remission. The energy was undeniably positive.

The happy faces of the hardworking team who brought this year’s event to life!